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LEAD founder Mike Rogers: We face a Chinese future if we allow it to happen

LEAD founder Mike Rogers is a national leader on foreign policy. In a recent op-ed, Rogers offers unique insights on the potential implications of China’s power escalation. He emphasizes the need for the United States to take proactive measures to protect its interests and values.

Below is an excerpt from Rogers’ op-ed published in The Messenger. Click here to read the full article. 

“Unless we take seriously the challenge that China represents, we will lose in this era of strategic competition. We are on a path that will see the most profound geopolitical defeat in our country’s history — not through invasion or by force of arms but through the erosion of American power.

“The consequences of this defeat would be ones from which our country might never recover.

“A world in which China wins is one in which America’s fate is not in its own hands. The decisions of Beijing and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would have far greater impact than those of Washington and future presidents or congresses.

“This is not idle speculation or alarmism but the stated goal of the CCP. It wants to recapture what it views as its lost position of greatness after a “century of humiliation,” when China was controlled by European and other foreign powers starting in the 1840s. As President Xi Jinping told the party in 2017, the world is experiencing “great changes unseen in a century” and he plans to use China’s growing wealth and power to create a “national rejuvenation” by 2049, the 100th anniversary of communist rule, if not before.”

This is an excerpt from LEAD Founder Mike Roger’s opinion piece in The Messenger. For the full op-ed, click here.