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Education is the Foundation

Education is the first tool in a child’s belt as they explore life, form ideas, and learn how to learn. Often in school, the initial seeds of the American Dream are planted – stirring ideas and sparking ingenuity that transcends into a lifetime of creativity. 

Every child has the right to learn and build a foundation for success. Too often, though, the government’s hold on teachers, resources and curriculums bars students from acquiring commonsense life skills and practical learning methods. Politics should never stand in the way of a child’s path to success or the ability of a family to make the best decisions for their kids. 

To make the American Dream of education a reality for more Americans, students, families, and educators need a system that allows parents to make decisions for their kids and empowers parents to help their kids succeed.

Recent studies have demonstrated the tremendous role that parental involvement has on a child’s education. Parent participation enhances a child’s self-esteem, improves parent-child interactions, and improves a child’s overall academic achievement. Despite the overwhelming statistics in support of this level of involvement, research from the National Center for Families Learning found that 60 percent of parents struggle to help their kids with homework. To empower students, we must equip parents with the tools and resources they need to invest in their kids. 

The K-12 system must be strengthened to ensure that students graduating from high school are prepared for a career, ready for tech school, or equipped for university learning. Too many kids have fallen through the gaps, and we must work toward a system that prepares every child to find their purpose and encourages the dignity of work.