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Neighborhoods: The Starting Place of the American Dream

The neighborhoods we live in are the starting place for the American Dream. They are where we raise children, find support networks, and share common values with those around us. Neighborhood safety is fundamental to achieving our fullest potential. As a group of individuals coming together to create strong communities, it takes a village to raise a village. Every community member is integral if we want safer communities for our families. 

There are many actions an individual can take to keep neighborhoods safe and beautiful. The first and most important is to form bonds with those around you. Friendly relationships cultivate trust and ensure everyone feels safer in their homes. These relationships will also enable communities to call on one another in need, a critical component to maintaining effective resources for success.  

And while it sounds simple, the old adage rings true: if you see something, say something. From potential criminal activity to a broken streetlight, fix individual problems at their roots before they become routine problems. Civilian groups, including community watch groups and litter clean-up organizations, strengthen residents’ bonds while solving local issues. 

While individual action is the frontline of community safety, there is more to the equation. The other half of the coin is to ensure communities have the resources to thrive. Economic stability, quality education, and clean public areas go a long way in creating safe neighborhoods. Wherever there is greater freedom from want or need, safety ensues. Advocate for your local government to make a concerted effort to provide adequate infrastructure and societal programs in communities.  

Communities must be safe, healthy environments for people if we hope to keep the American Dream alive. Although violence and illicit activity can hold families hostage, there are many steps that an individual can take to keep their homes secure. Look into resources provided by local city councils and police departments to see how you can become a hero for your hometown.