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Celebrating our American Leadership on Presidents’ Day

Presidents’ Day was founded in 1886 to celebrate the birthday of our first President, George Washington. Today, we remember those who have led our country through the ages, creating a stronger United States with each passing term.  

We remember President Abraham Lincoln, who unified a country-divided and ignited monumental change for racial equality in war-stricken America. We remember President John F. Kennedy, who revitalized the American Dream and solidified our country as one community. We remember President Ronald Reagan, who constructed an economy enabling our country to compete and win on the international stage. 

On Presidents Day this year, we celebrate more than the men who have occupied the Oval Office. We are celebrating the changemakers who keep the American Dream alive in every corner of our country. 

America is strong because of our teachers, first responders, healthcare workers, local chambers of commerce, scouting organizations, and community leaders, among so many more. Communities are the lifeblood of our country; therefore, individuals who positively impact those around them are the leaders who keep America the best place to live on the planet. 

America is great because communities can define what the American Dream means to them and implement the policies which best support themselves. From the state to the county to the school district to the home, our Democracy is fueled by individuals who care for and work for each other.