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Supporting Teachers Ensures the American Dream is Available to All

The first 18 years of a person’s life are critical in determining who they become for the rest of their future. This formative period determines how they learn, form ideas, and interact with the world and their available opportunities. A quality education plays one of the most critical roles in ensuring that students are prepared to pursue their American Dream. The type of learning environment our students require begins and ends with teachers, so supporting them with the resources they need is essential to fostering a stronger America for tomorrow.

According to a recent survey, principals and teachers in the U.S. experience frequent job-related stress twice as much as the general working population. The study also determined that teaching was not a stress riser; teaching conditions were. As teachers are increasingly expected to wear many different hats, serving as educators, student advocates, and mental health support systems, the resources provided to them have largely remained constant.

During LEAD’s interview with educator Sheri Conn, she underscored the importance of supporting teachers: “Education is important and related to the American Dream by providing teacher knowledge, compassion, and love as a teacher to all students. Teachers have the opportunity to equip kids with the best education and a platform for growth and success for every individual. Our profession is a source of good and is essential to teach the youth of our country. You wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for a teacher. If you don’t learn, you can’t grow.”

If the U.S. is determined to keep the American Dream alive, we must support teachers with the tools they need so students can succeed.