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The American Dream in 2023

The American Dream is an aspiration for many Americans, and in 2023, we are helping our neighbors achieve it more than ever before. Our nation abounds with economic opportunity, the freedom to pursue what is best for yourself and your family, and the grounds to find meaningful communities with neighbors.  

This sense of community propels us to face the challenges of 2023 – and beyond. Communities that work together rise together. 

As inflation rises and families are forced to choose between filling their gas tanks or feeding their children, local community efforts bridge the gap to help neighbors.   

It is essential to consider how we can contribute to the success of others while reaching for our own. America grows stronger with each shift completed, each small business opened, each family started, each school lesson learned, and each community built. Local support is vital for individual success; individual success is vital for community growth, which leads to more profound local support. The American Dream is brought to life through this cycle. When we come together, there is nothing that we cannot achieve. 

At LEAD, we are dedicated to sharing the importance of the American Dream by highlighting its success stories and pushing for it to remain at the forefront of national discussions. In 2023, we are amplifying this effort more than ever. We will continue to tell the stories of parents creating better lives for their children and neighbors pulling together to solve complex issues facing their communities. Revitalizing the American Dream is a responsibility we all carry.