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LEAD Founder Mike Rogers Calls for Ceasefire, Analyzes the Latest in Ukraine

“How do events on the other side of the world impact me?”

“So much is happening… it’s impossible to stay informed.”

If these statements summarize your feelings surrounding international affairs, you are not alone. In our era of information, it can be difficult to sift through articles and news clips to identify the pieces that most impact your life.

LEAD is here to help! LEAD Founder Mike Rogers sat down with NewsNation’s Marni Hughes last week to break down the latest about the war in Ukraine and what it will take to end the attacks almost a year after the first bombings.


The war in Ukraine has created a ripple affect around the world. Not only have gas prices skyrocketed since the first attack, but other goods and services have also increased in price.

To help families that are feeling the heat in their pocketbooks, President Biden has said the U.S. and its NATO allies will help Ukraine negotiate to end the war—but only if Russian President Putin agrees to end the war. Putin expresses a staunch reluctance to do such a thing, and Ukraine balks at talking directly with Putin.

As Ukraine continues to win on the battlefield, cities are being destroyed and an astronomical number of soldiers are being wounded or killed. LEAD Founder Mike Rogers emphasizes the need for both sides to find a bold solution.

“Putin is trying to cut off electricity, cut off energy, cut off food supplies. This could be a very cold and hungry winter for Ukrainians.”

Rogers points out the Biden Administration must have a role in the negotiations for a successful outcome.

“The Biden Administration should ask for a ceasefire up front. We have to stop the Russians from bombing indiscriminately, killing innocent men, women, and children. They are targeting the infrastructure of the country, which will be problematic going into wintertime. The United States can play an honest broker here. We can go in and tell Putin that he needs to give up something.”

Rogers argues the logjam of attacks can be broken, and the brutality can be over. Ukraine is forcing Putin and Russia to face the reality of their attacks. They are losing this war, and they are losing their soldiers. Ukraine could have the upper hand; yet, when it comes down to it, Rogers says we “need to consider the human cost into this as we go forward.” 

When asked what the ideal outcome would be, Rogers makes it clear on what the Biden Administration should do.

“We have some short-term things we need to agree to, including a ceasefire. And then we will have to talk about sanctions, war crimes, and all the other things Russia has done – including reparations to the Ukrainians.”

The war in Ukraine must end. President Biden must be a leader and bring both sides together to stop the attacks.

For the full interview between LEAD Founder Mike Rogers and Marni Hughes of NewsNation, click here.