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Hope on the Horizon: Election Insight from LEAD Founder Mike Rogers

As the nation emerges from the midterms and prepares for a new political reality, LEAD Founder Mike Rogers says we act swiftly to find opportunities to come together and find bold solutions that yield long-term results. On a recent interview with Julie Mason of Sirius XM Radio, Rogers dissect the state of American politics and his strategy for a more purposeful political conversation.

Mike points to a recent Pew Research Center study which showed that 62 percent of Democrats think that Republicans are immoral and in turn, about 72 percent of Republicans think the same of Democrats.  The divide among neighbors, friends, and family shows that many have little tolerance for common unity. A FOX News poll found less than 40 percent of Americans are proud of their country, a 30 percent decline since 2011.  

“I talk to folks around the country a lot,” Rogers says.  “They are politically discouraged. The finger pointing and grabbing each other by the throat takes its toll on people.”

To make true progress as a nation, we must stop focusing solely on partisan rhetoric and ideate real, innovate solutions for America. Rogers says there is no time to waste. Failure to boldly lead today will knock us to second place on the national stage.

That’s why Rogers and his wife, Kristi, started LEAD – a platform to highlight narratives of the American Dream and a forum to create meaningful, innovative solutions to the problems families and businesses face.  

Today is the day. It is time for solutions. Join us as we shape the conversation through LEAD.   

You can listen to Mike Rogers’ full interview with SIRIUS XM here