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Mike Rogers in Washington Times: China is coming for our elections

Election Day is tomorrow, and LEAD Founder Mike Rogers is speaking out against China’s threat to undermine one of the most pivotal tenets of American democracy: our elections. Read his full opinion piece on The Washington Times website.  

China is Coming for our Elections 

By Congressman Mike Rogers 

China is proving to be the biggest threat to American families and businesses, and they thrive when we are destroying ourselves from within. 

They like it when we tear each other down, undermine our confidence, and paralyze our national pride. They like it because we are doing their job for them, allowing them latitude to attack us online, discredit our institutions, strategize for the future, and vie to replace our global leadership. Xi Jinping has made it clear he wants to knock the United States into second place. He and the Chinese Communist Party are actively working to undermine freedom by dismantling the integrity of our election systems. With the FBI opening a new espionage investigation into China every 10 hours, it’s clear: China doesn’t want you to vote. 

Just this week, Mandiant, a cybersecurity company, reported that the Chinese Communist Party is waging an online influence campaign to attack our democracy from the inside out. Dragonbridge, a pro-People’s Republic of China group, is attempting to “discourage Americans from voting in the 2022 U.S. midterm elections,” which “shows a willingness to use increasingly aggressive rhetoric.” 

Among the actions Mandiant uncovered, Dragonbridge circulated a video suggesting that “the solution to America’s ills is not to vote for someone” but rather to “root out this ineffective and incapacitated system.” The group spread narratives about the ineffectiveness of the legislative process and “posted content asserting that political infighting, partisanship, polarization, and division had become fundamental aspects of American democracy.” The group is criticizing American society “via narratives regarding racial strife and social injustice.” 

Think about that. As Americans prepare to head to the polls, our greatest strategic threat and adversary, China, is working to sow discord in our democracy, undermine citizens’ confidence in their electoral system, and prevent people from casting their vote.  

This is an excerpt from LEAD Founder Mike Roger’s opinion piece in the Washington Times. For the full story, click here