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Oil Tensions Hurt Americans

Iran. China. Russia. Ukraine. Saudi Arabia.

It’s hard to keep up with global affairs, and it can be even more difficult to understand the impact international disputes could have on your family and your home.

LEAD Founder Mike Rogers formerly served as Chair of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee. He’s an Army veteran and spent time as an FBI Special Agent. Last week, he was featured on NewsNation to discuss ongoing global tensions. Check out the interview by clicking the following: Mike Rogers on NewsNation: The Iran-Russia Alliance is a Cause for Concern

But it’s not just Iran. And it’s not just Ukraine. Tensions are rising with Saudi Arabia over the country’s decision to cut oil production. LEAD Founder Mike Rogers says this is the result of President Biden’s bad energy policy and worse diplomacy, and Americans will feel the resulting economic pain.

Oil prices are a big deal. Today, Americans have to choose between their standard grocery lists and filling up at the pump—a dilemma that no family should face.

Since their move-in to the White House, the Biden Administration has pursued energy policies that dramatically cut domestic American production and eroded our energy independence, increasing our reliance on foreign suppliers like Saudi Arabia. This puts American families at the hands of foreign nations, which should never be the case.

Now, President Biden is undermining our relationship with the Saudi Arabia – the very ally he now expects to make up the shortfall that he created. We must create bipartisan, tangible solutions for our communities. We all hurt when politics is put above Americans.

Weakening our energy independence and alienating our Middle East allies at the same time will only result in more pain at the pump and in the wallets of Americans. This political posturing puts American families in second place.