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Identifying Solutions for the Classroom

Education is the fuel that makes the American Dream possible. The classroom often provides the first tool in a child’s belt as they explore life, form ideas, and learn how to learn.

Too often, though, our nation’s education system fails its students. Today, more than half of people living in the United States between the ages of 16 and 74 read below the sixth-grade level. Literacy is no longer a given.

This week, the Wall Street Journal reported that ACT tests scores have dropped to the lowest levels seen in more than 30 years. Per ACT data, test takers from the class of 2022 scored an average of 19.8 out of 36. This is the first time the average score dipped below 20 since 1991.

LEAD Founder Mike Rogers calls this unacceptable.

“We need to be building students who can compete on the global stage, but right now we’re failing to ensure they can even graduate at a basic level of educational competence. They deserve better,” he remarked.

To make the American Dream of education a reality for more Americans, students, families, and educators need a system that allows parents to make decisions for their kids and empowers parents to help their kids succeed. We must integrate new technology that creates additional pathways for kids to accomplish the basic building blocks of education.

We must also better equip our teachers with the resources they need to do the jobs in which they find passion. In a recent conversation with LEAD, Michigan teacher Sheri Conn said, “Teachers have the opportunity to equip kids with the best education and a platform for growth and success for every individual. We do our best to ensure our students walk away with a smile; one step closer to pursuing their future careers.” Teachers everywhere deserve our gratitude and support. They’re true heroes.

To remain competitive, America’s education system cannot be an afterthought. Let’s fight together to deploy solutions that best equip the next generation for success.