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The Thread that Binds Us Together

The American Dream is the thread that binds us together, and at LEAD, we’re committed to spreading the message that the American Dream is not only alive but it’s worth fighting for. Over the last year, we’ve shared countless stories of people who have achieved incredible things – for both themselves and the people around them.

Sara Hart Weir’s American Dream is to make sure the country isn’t leaving people behind. Weir advocates for Americans with down syndrome, and her American Dream came to fruition when she lobbied federal lawmakers to pass the bipartisan ABLE Act, allowing people with disabilities to have their own bank accounts with more than $2,000. The bill – that is now law – equips people with disabilities with the tools they need to be successful in America.

LEAD also shared British A. Robinson’s story. As President and CEO of the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy, Robinson encourages literacy among all Americans. Low literacy is one of our nation’s greatest challenges and prevents about 54 percent of Americans from fully participating in society because they struggle with literacy and read below a 6th-grade level. Equipping Americans with the ability to read is essential to our nation’s success — and the American Dream’s viability.

Weir and Robinson prove the American Dream is worth fighting for. To share your American Dream story, click here.