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LEAD President Talks Supply Chain with Bloomberg TV

LEAD President Kristi Rogers recently joined Bloomberg TV to discuss America’s reliance on foreign nations for its critical minerals. She highlights how dangerous this is not only for economic security, but also for American national security.

“The vast majority of our critical goods, particularly critical minerals, are processed in China,” states Kristi Rogers. “If there is another pandemic, or if something happens in Taiwan and we’re cut off, it is going to be devastating to our economic security and our national security.”

Rogers points out that Nevada has a large lithium supply—the raw material needed to produce items like batteries for electric vehicles. Government red tape has stopped new mining from retrieving this much-needed material, though, forcing American companies to look overseas and creating more environmental fallout.

“We could actually help improve the environment if we did the processing in the United States. We’d strengthen our supply chains and make them more resilient,” Rogers says.

Kristi Rogers calls upon regulators to put policies in place that encourage companies to keep their businesses stateside or with foreign allies. She reminds us it will take more than one company or entity to make a difference.

“We’re going to have to do it together,” she says. You can watch Kristi Rogers on Bloomberg TV, starting at 36:00, here.