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Don’t wait! Share Your American Dream

Our country is one built on the dreams of hardworking and innovative people—and the American Dream thrives on being shared with others. By recounting the journey of your story, others can learn and make their own dreams a reality. The American Dream thrives from storytellers and people brave enough to share and inspire the next generation.   

Sharing your story helps encourage other people to keep their dreams alive and healthy. It also reminds us that this is a country where dreams of prosperity and success become realities. It creates hope that dreams can be accomplished with the right about of work and tenacity.  

LEAD brings forward stories of how the achievement of dreams and the journeys chasing them have shaped our country and our people.  

No American Dream comes without bumps in the road. How we adapt and find a way is what makes your story inspiring. We want to hear about your American Dream—you never know who you will push to the next level.  

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