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School is Back in Session

“Children yearn to learn, and their capacity for it is one of the God-given wonders. The education our children need is the ability to read, write, and reason as well as any student in any country in the world. They need it, and the Nation needs it, as well, if we’re to prosper and grow. The education our children deserve is the kind no American should be deprived of, for it’s the basic instruction in what it means to be an American.” – Ronald Reagan  

As school supplies once again dominate store shelves, many families are preparing for a return to the classroom. At LEAD, we fundamentally believe that an education must equip students with skills for life and success. Education must be prioritized, as it raises students to be strong, knowledgeable members of society – it paves the way for the American Dream.  

From the first American public school built in In 1635, to the modern classroom of today, education has been essential to our country, and it should continue to remain at the forefront as we raise the next generation of Americans. Today’s children will become tomorrow’s leaders: they will own businesses, write books, and fight for our country. We must help students now so they are equipped to succeed later.  

Education is the foundation on which the American Dream stands. The American educational system isn’t perfect, but it has brought about the modern-day leaders of America. For those willing to learn, we must present to the opportunity of a full and robust education. We must continue to foster conversations that improve our systems and ensure that every student has the educational tools needed to succeed in our nation.  

For resources during this upcoming school year, check out our resources page.