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Small but Mighty

The American Dream is found on every street and in every community through small businesses. Whether in a suburb, city or the main street of a rural town, small businesses and innovation keep the American Dream alive.  

LEADer Jenn Crovato owns 1310 Kitchen and Bar in Washington, DC, where every day she sees her American Dream come to life. For her, every customer is more than a filled seat – they’re the fruit of years of work and the embodiment of her aspirations. 

For small businesses owners across the nation, the idea of creating something has fueled imagination and solved problems in rural communities and bustling metro areas. And while some relish the accomplishment of a small shop, others dream of creating an enterprise that spans the globe.  

Take industry giant Dell, for example. What started as a small business has now revolutionized technology. Innovation begins with small businesses.  

Starting or operating a business has never been easy, but in today’s market steeped in inflation, high prices, and gridlocked supply chains, small businesses need support. Whether it is the locally owned boutique, bodega, or bar down the road, shop small to protect the American Dream.