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America’s Day to Celebrate

This Independence Day, fireworks will explode, families will gather, and people will deck their homes in red, white, and blue. The ruckus is not without cause. This week, we celebrate the birth of a nation brimming with opportunity – a country where any person can build the kind of life they desire, a nation where the American Dream is alive.

This is a cause worth celebrating. What started as a vision of a country free from tyrants and foreign rule has evolved into a nation dedicated to preserving freedom and independence.

This week, we honor the sacrifices and strength it took for our founding fathers to establish the foundation for a limited government. The United States government is often seen as a blueprint for democracy—and it all started with their vision.

We also honor those who have fought to keep America a city on the hill – the gatekeepers of the American Dream. We remember those who gave their lives to protect our nation’s ideals. May we never forget those who sacrificed all.

LEAD Founder Mike Rogers served in the U.S. Army and comes from a lineage of people who serve. He recounts his favorite Fourth of July tradition:

“Growing up, my parents were known across the Woodland Lake area for throwing the biggest, liveliest Fourth of July celebrations. It started when we were small, but it grew to the point that my brother – when he went to West Point – would bring his fellow Cadets home from different duty stations. I did the same when I was in the FBI. The house would be full of people with backgrounds of all sorts, different beliefs, and opposing views, but we put this aside to gather as Americans to celebrate greatest nation in the world. That’s what Independence Day is about. We all have different opinions, but we lower our fists to unite and celebrate a country where freedom of thought and expression is allowed. There’s no nation greater than our United States of America.”

This Independence Day, take a moment to celebrate freedom and opportunity. And may we never forget those who paid the price for that freedom.