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America’s Dads, Thank You

Faith and fatherhood–that’s what guided Sal Zamora’s American Dream. In our American Dream series, Sal Zamora shared his story and the ways his father’s courage and hard work enabled him to a life in the United States. As a child of an immigrant, his dad led him to pursue a career as an immigration officer and accomplish his American Dream.  

Fathers are an integral part of our families, communities, and nation. Without their guiding words (and dad jokes), our nation would not have the resilient nature we have today.  

We recognize the fathers who have uplifted their families and helped create legacies of American greatness. LEAD Founder Mike Rogers was taught by his father that having a strong work ethic and being of good character are the building blocks to a good life… and what all Americans need to achieve success and their American Dream.  

“As a teacher and a football coach, my dad modeled what it looked like to work hard and own responsibility for your actions. For me and my four brothers, this meant working alongside him or getting a job every summer by the time we were 12. We may have grumbled then, but it instilled a sense of purpose and grit in us that I believe has shaped the ways we’ve lived our lives. The things you learn early on stick with you, and I’m grateful my dad took the time to instill those core values in us.”

LEAD Founder Mike Rogers

Dads like Mike’s and Sal’s highlight the important role fathers play in the lives of their children. These fathers are proof that determination, a strong work ethic, and benevolence are essential in forging future generations of Americans. 

We thank all fathers, stepfathers, and father figures who have guided others to success—we are the nation we are today because of you!