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The Life-long Pursuit of the American Dream

It’s clear: the American Dream relies on education and civic engagement. For the American Dream to thrive, individuals must understand its history and its adversaries. By laying this foundation, people can pursue their own American Dream and open doors of opportunity for those around them.  

Civic education should never be understood as simply a high school class—it is a life-long journey of understanding the past and present, to push the American Dream into the future. This pursuit of the American Dream does not stop with accomplishing your own goals, it continues by teaching others about your mistakes and successes so they too can succeed.  

The role of civics is important to LEAD founder Mike Rogers, a former member of Congress, FBI Agent, and Army veteran. He says this:  

“The American Dream is dependent on the lifelong pursuit of civic education. Instilling this by teaching children at a young age is essential. I often recall my time volunteering in elementary schools teaching students about how a bill becomes a law. Ensuring that they understand our government at a young age will lead to a more engaged future and the continuation of the American Dream.”  

Civic education cannot be a red or blue issue—it is an American issue. If we do not continue encouraging civic education for communities of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences, we will not position the American Dream to thrive.  

You can find educational resources for parents and students in the Resources section of our website: Join in the conversation and help protect to American Dream for generations to come.