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Thank you, First Responders

This week marks First Responders Week—an annual time to honor those who devote their lives to protecting our communities. They are the people who run toward danger when others run away. Whether they come in a law enforcement car, fire truck, or ambulance, they are ready to put their lives on the line so we can stay safe.  

First responders are the ones who show up when things go wrong—whether it’s an accident, a fire, or a home invasion. These brave individuals are often the first to arrive on the scene, and they’re the ones who help victims pick up the pieces of their lives after a crisis has occurred. It is easy to forget just how much these individuals sacrifice every day. 

LEAD’s Founder Mike Rogers spent the beginning of his career in law enforcement as a Reserve Police Officer in Michigan and as an agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. These career experiences helped instill a deep passion for public service and demonstrated the impact of each individual in a community.   

America’s first responders are heroes, and we must never overlook how vital they are to our nation. We thank every first responder for your courage, your dedication, and your support of our nation’s communities. You make us proud to be Americans.