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Mothers Guide the Nation

This week, we celebrate the women in our lives that support us through our best and most difficult situations—our mothers, grandmothers, and guiding women in our lives. Motherhood is a job that often goes underrecognized and underappreciated but serves the most important duty of all: raising the next generation of great American leaders.  

LEAD Founder Mike Rogers shares about his mother and her influence on his leadership journey: 

 “My mother raised five boys, and after all of us were in school went into the workplace, as a small, not-for-profit Chamber of Commerce director. Always kind, often firm, she provided a great environment for us boys to understand respect and hard work. She taught us that we were no better or no worse than our neighbors no matter their station. She taught us that a sense of humor and a quick smile will always get you a better result. She taught and lived that honesty and decency are core values to success.” 

Like Mike, many of us credit the mother figure in our lives with our values, development, and success. Whether it is leading by example in business, being a shoulder to cry on when times are tough, or lending a helping help and sharing words of wisdom, mothers are there when we need them the most. This impacts people individually, and it also makes a difference in our culture, communities, and nation.  

Whether it is a biological mom, adoptive mom, foster mom, aunt, grandmother, friend, or mentor—take time to thank the influential women in your life this week.