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Teachers Shape America’s Future

The tried-and-true foundation of many American Dreams is education, the fundamental cornerstone for innovation and success. LEAD Founder Mike Rogers’ father spent his career as a teacher and vice-principal and is one of the inspirations behind LEAD’s continued advocacy for education. No matter your connection to education, we all have a teacher to thank for establishing the educational foundation that we use every day as we pursue our goals and ambitions.  

Teachers dedicate their careers to the future of America. American giants in innovation, diplomacy, business, and all other aspects of the American Dream can credit their education in some way for getting them to where they are today. Teachers spend their days instilling the fundamentals: how to read, write, count, and add; however, teachers also build interpersonal skills, critical thinking skills, and other basics that we too often take for granted.  

The future of our country is in the hands of America’s teachers, and this often goes underappreciated. Today, and every day, we thank teachers for their contributions to America. With you, the future is bright.