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Sharing Your Story Can Change a Life

Passing down stories is in our blood: it is how we know our family’s history and much of the history of our nation. National Tell a Story Day highlights the importance of handing down knowledge and experiences to the next generation so they can learn and create their own. The American Dream relies on this years-old practice. We have to learn from others to better our own lives to reach our own American Dream.  

Here at LEAD, we have explored the stories of Americans that have accomplished their American Dream in our American Dream Series. We have heard from Sal Zamora whose immigrant father was the inspiration behind Sal joining law enforcement, and Maury Bradshaw, who grew up on a farm and now is a successful investor. We have discussed how the American Dream is different for everyone, yet learning from each other is at the base of the American Dream.  

This National Tell a Story Day take a moment to tell your story and listen to someone else’s. You never know what you can teach someone else, or what you can learn from another person’s experiences.  

Share your American Dream story with us here—we would love to hear from you!