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LEADer Feature: Jenn Crovato – Developing her craft to achieve her American Dream

There’s no denying that mothers, grandmothers, aunts, cousins and sisters are responsible for keeping America running like a well-oiled machine. Having gained the right to vote a mere 100 years ago, women have made many feats in closing the gender gap and leading the way to a brighter future.

LEAD had the privilege to sit down with LEAD(er) Jenn Crovato, owner of 1310 Kitchen & Bar, whose American Dream story began at age 13 when she started cooking and baking for birthday parties, saving for travel to Italy to continue developing her craft.

“If my grandfather could see me today, he would be thrilled,” explained Jenn. “It’s one thing to cook at home, but then to take it to another level and do it professionally and to have a restaurant – I definitely think that it is part of the American Dream for a lot of people.”

Business owners, bosses, and colleagues like Jenn are terrific examples of how women in leadership make our country a better place. “It’s important to keep people positive and motivated,” said Jenn. “Hearing other peoples’ stories helped because I know I’m not alone.”

To celebrate National Women’s Month, we invite you all to thank a strong woman in your life.

Do you resonate with Jenn’s story? Share your American Dream journey with us!