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In 2022, Resolve to Restore America’s Sense of Hope

Hope is at the foundation of our great nation—it’s what makes America so unique, but it’s dwindling.  America’s sense of hope is the bedrock that allows someone to climb from entry-level to CEO. This sense of hope motivates the immigrant to seek a better life here, leaving their country behind in the hope of a better life. As we look to 2022, we must prioritize restoring hope for the sake of our democracy and America’s future generations.

In 2022, I pledge to protect the hope in economic opportunity. One of America’s defining characteristics is the ability of her citizens to climb the ladder toward a different life. As the years pass, Americans face more obstacles in obtaining this achievement. More Americans are experiencing inflation, burdensome taxation, and overregulation that saddle our children and grandchildren with debt. Luckily, there is a solution: ensure Americans graduate high school equipped with the skills needed in the modern workforce through vocational training or higher education. It is our duty to ensure families are best equipped to face these challenges head-on.

In 2022, I pledge to protect the hope found in thriving families. By investing in families through policy, we will enable parents to raise their children with food on the table, safe neighborhoods, and affordable housing. Not only are families dealing with traditional struggles, they are now dealing with struggles in the digital world, from social media to ensuring privacy online. We must continue to seek solutions to these issues for families and our country’s future. 

In 2022, I pledge to protect the hope found in the freedoms and rights that our country was founded to protect. The very ability to pursue the American Dream is secured by freedoms like the ability to speak and defend our families, which must be protected at all costs. We find ourselves in a critical moment where popular opinion tends to strip these rights away, and that must change. It will take thoughtful discourse and fierce vigilance to protect these liberties, but it will be the most crucial fight we will have as Americans today. 

Hope has been in short supply here in our nation lately, but it is not dead. Americans must resolve to restore this Hope may be hard to find in America, but it is not dead. Americans must resolve to restore this sense of hope for the sake of our neighbors, our communities, and our nation. The American Dream and democracy will only thrive when hope is in abundance. Join me in the movement, share your own American Dream here.  

By The Honorable Mike Rogers, LEAD Founder and Former U.S. Representative and Chairman of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence