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Meet Maury Bradsher

Entrepreneur Maury Bradsher has found great success as an investor, but he’ll be the first to tell you that he got a different start than many of his peers. Maury grew up on a farm in the South and worked alongside his father and grandfather from a young age. 

“I grew up in the in the cornfield and tobacco fields, where I watched my dad and grandfather work—and they were incredibly hard workers. My dad would work seven days a week because he was a carpenter as well. He knew what needed to be done to provide for his family. I admire and respect my dad for that—he is a huge role model for me still to this day.” 

Maury Bradsher

While Maury attributes his tireless work ethic to his father, he shares he developed a competitive edge from playing sports. Growing up, he played football, baseball, and basketball competitively and went on to play basketball in college.  

“I was raised in that environment where we pushed hard to attain our goals, which was a lesson I learned from playing in sports competitions most of my life.” 

Maury Bradsher

While Maury’s college basketball days may be over, he is proud to now advise and help restructure lower middle-market companies in sectors ranging from defense to IT to healthcare. However, reaching his current position has not been easy.  

“It can be tiresome sometimes, fighting some of the stigmas in our country because of your background, what you look like. However, that has never been a reason to stop, quit, or give up. Since our revolutionary days, Americans have proven: we don’t quit. When times get hard, you just keep going.” 

Maury Bradsher

Looking to his future goals, Maury aims to use his position to help others achieve their own dreams. He’s recently been focusing on improving diversity efforts and investments into affordable housing, especially in underserved communities. Maury’s American Dream is to help others receive the same opportunities that he had to rise above their circumstances. 

“What my dream is for everyone to have the opportunity to be able to move up, and that doesn’t mean that everybody needs to be a millionaire or billionaire. It means taking those steps to give you and your family an opportunity to achieve their version of the American dream and have a good life. My dream is that people focus on adding value to others’ lives, because when people add value to America, America turns around and adds value right back.” 

Maury Bradsher

 Maury is a proud supporter of LEAD and hopes to inspire others through his story to achieve their American dream.  

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