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Former U.S. Representative Mike Rogers Launches Policy Initiative Focusing on Achieving the American Dream

The initiative aims to make the American Dream achievable, address top policy issues, and foster economic opportunities.

Former U.S. Representative and Chairman of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Mike Rogers launched a policy initiative focused on helping people achieve the American Dream, Leadership to Ensure the American Dream (LEAD). The initiative aims to make the American Dream achievable, address top policy issues, and foster economic opportunities. The foundation of LEAD is based on the tried-and-true idea that the pursuit of the American Dream can overcome the gravest of challenges and is as essential today as it has been at each critical juncture in the development of our nation.  

LEAD addresses current top policy issues facing the nation from the free, hope-filled, solution-oriented perspective. Mike will cultivate conversations with leaders and people impacted by current public policy issues to provide a space for in-depth analysis. This work is essential to maintain America’s global leadership and secure for future generations the same freedoms and opportunities our forebearers fought for and secured for all Americans.   

LEAD creates a platform to address the complex issues that impact the American Dream above the political crossfire. The organization’s initiatives focus on key issues: fostering economic opportunity, positioning America’s families to thrive, protecting American’s rights and freedoms, equipping Americans for civic engagement, and strengthening America’s standing on the global stage. Through these paths, LEAD fosters the American Dream for generations to come. 

Hailing from Michigan, Mike began his life of public service when he served as an officer in the U.S. Army, finding a passion for helping his community and his country. After leaving the military, Rogers continued to serve his nation and joined the FBI as a special agent, later representing Michigan’s Eighth Congressional District, where he became known as “a rare example of bipartisanship.” The former representative saw the opportunity to create unique solutions and worked hard to provide answers for constituents and better their lives regardless of political affiliations or policy differences. Mike’s dedication to serving the American people is the driving force behind his continued work to keep the American Dream alive, providing opportunities for people to succeed. 

“Throughout my career, I am thankful to have served the United States in different capacities. And, it has become increasingly clear that for the sake of our country, we must reignite the passion of America, reignite the idea of America, and unite to continue improving our very special nation,” says Mike Rogers, founder of LEAD. “Serving Americans and helping them reach what they define as the American Dream is why I created LEAD. Working with community leaders across the U.S., together we will make a difference for future generations.” 

LEAD believes in fostering the American Dream and empowering people by illustrating the positive, far-reaching impacts that achieving those dreams can have in our lives and the lives of others both today and tomorrow. The ability to achieve the Dream lies in the power of working together as one nation. 


Leadership to Ensure the American Dream (LEAD) is a policy initiative focusing on helping people achieve the American Dream, address top policy issues, and foster economic opportunities nationwide. LEAD works to engage a diverse coalition of voices behind a common belief that the American Dream thrives when our approach to government is that of hope-filled, solution-oriented, limited government conservatism. LEAD promotes ideas and policies that will bolster the American Dream, elevating the voices of hard-working individuals who succeed in achieving their American Dream. To learn more about LEAD, follow along on LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram social media pages.