LEAD America



“Let’s let Americans fall in love with  America again.”

– Mike Rogers, LEAD Founder

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    A Story of Leadership

    LEAD is a new initiative born out of a time-tested idea: that America is good and that the pursuit of the American Dream is as essential today as it has been at each critical juncture in the development of our nation.

    Our aim is to foster a discussion about how the American Dream shines through in individuals, families, groups, and private enterpriseto keep our promise for a better tomorrow.

    Our Issues

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      Positioning American Families to Thrive with LEAD America

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      Equipping Americans for Civic Engagement with LEAD America

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      Fostering Economic Opportunity with LEAD America

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      Protecting Our Rights & Freedoms with LEAD America

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      Strengthening Our Standing on the Global Stage with LEAD America

    The possibilities for Americans who apply hard work and determination are just as boundless now as they were at our country’s founding.

    Everyone, regardless of class or race, gender or creed, has the opportunity to succeed. It’s our job to protect those ideals and freedoms for the next generation and inspire them to take on the tough challenges of our changing world.